nugget ice maker reviews: The Best Ice Makers For Nugget Ice

Whether you are looking to get an ice maker for use in your home kitchen or for commercial use in a small restaurant where you want to provide customers ice for their drinks, then an ice maker that produces nugget ice would be right for you.

Nugget Ice

In the first place, what is nugget ice? It is a type of ice that is smaller in size than a cube ice but melts slower than flake ice. It is best used to ice drinks as their size means that a person can chew it with their teeth if they so choose.

Best Nugget Ice Makers

The following are the best ice makers according to nugget ice maker reviews online.

  • Scotsman SCN60GA-1SS Brilliance Series 15″ Undercounter Ice Maker

Capable of holding 26 pounds of fresh ice, the Scotsman SCN60GA-1SS Brilliance Series 15″ Undercounter Ice Maker is perfect for making nugget ice in large amounts. It is of high quality with a warranty that lasts ten years and,as such, is perfect for use in restaurants.

  • Ice-O-Matic Undercounter Self-Contained Commercial Ice Maker

This is the model for you if you are looking for a commercial nugget ice maker. Though made for commercial use, it is not too large and has a compact design that can make it fit perfectly in a commercial kitchen or in the dining room where your customers can easily access it. It is also designed for quiet and smooth operation.

  • Scotsman SCN60GA-1SU Brilliance Series

A distinguishing feature of this ice maker is its durability as it can be used outside. Set in your backyard so you can enjoy cool drinks while hosting a barbecue party or while looking at the fireworks during the 4th of July. It also has a drain system that utilizes gravity to remove any leftover or melted nugget ice.





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